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, – We design experience. Using our design method training, we provide training workshops and consulting in experience-driven innovation.
We design experience scenarios for cutting edge and innovative offers, services and experiences.
Our forward-thinking research into new topics in design, management and innovation means we can train and support your teams in design methods for innovative physical and design projects.
We conduct and operate human-centered design processes, offering a "transformative" experience for both your employees and experiencers.
We adapt complex methods and tools to fit your exploration challenges.
You benefit from new approaches and fresh perspectives when looking at your problems.

Our pedagogic, academic and research references for all types of profiles designers, managers, engineers:

  • Experience design at ENSCI: French school of design: 1st introduction of the concept in 2013 for the « Innovation by Design » Master
  • Design Thinking and Innovative Design at ESCP EUROPE : 1st course designed for EMDIEL European Master in Digital Innovation and Leadership in 2016
  • Design thinking and Fast-prototyping at AgroParisTech and Ecole Polytechnique since 2014

Alexandre Lambert

From experience to prototype ©

  • Ingenious Designer or Design Engineer
  • Specialist of the second diamond
  • gave birth to small and large objects
  • lives between the earth, the clouds, Lyon and Paris

Gabriel Jones

Absurdex ©

  • artist-visual, creative team member and Happiness Officer
  • exhibited at Paris Photo
  • photographed the cover (Grammy Awards) of Arcade Fire's album "The suburbs",
  • lives between Paris, NYC and Marseille

Esther Bacot

Drawing is deciding ©

  • Designer and designer
  • translates complex ideas into pretty drawings
  • co-won the Emile Hermès Prize and the Jean Prouvé Prize
  • lives and works in Paris

Saniya al Saadi

Co-designing is exploring ©

  • Expert in co-design
  • pioneering management & service design
  • speaker JB Say, ESCP Europe
  • digital nomad based in Paris, finally, where the sun is hiding.

Paul Ayoun

Modelling is projecting ©

  • Mechanical engineer
  • animated a student fablab
  • draws and makes objects that work since 2004
  • lives between Colmar and Cancale

Sophie Poupaert

Let's communicate ©, video and magazine

  • Graphic designer / motion designer
  • made his mark in industrial design at the Ateliers de Paris
  • makes you smile with his animated illustrations with unexpected details
  • lives in Paris and dreams of opening a graphic arts gallery in Montreal

Géraldine Hatchuel

Choregraphic Storyboarding ©

  • Experience designer and entrepreneur
  • Prof and author: Le design d’expérience, scénariser pour innover
  • invented the waffle pan and speaks at least 5 different dances
  • lives and works in Paris-Montmartre
We offer

, addresses your innovation challenges with methodological, collaborative, narrative and creative attitudes through 3 approaches designed as experiences.

We are an ecosystem of illustrators, graphic designers, industrial designers, eco-designers, makers, industrial engineers, developers, fablabs ...

Our favorite subjects : data experience, cosmetic experience, urban experience, cultural experience, AI experience, mission and "raison d'être"experience ...

Initiation (1)

training module with introduction to innovative design, design thinking and experience design for your teams in charge of innovation, intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship.

Ex: "Live the journey of the innovator", "Methods & Tools", "Choregraphic storyboarding", Introductory conferences ...

Workshops (2)

creative module to facilitate and support the design process of an innovative project, a new entity or a new offer through the methodology -We design experience.

Ex: "The code experience by La Poste", "Rethinking the hair coloring experience", "Sublimating the eye", "Reenchanting sleep" ...

Change (3)

learning and consulting module and support for the implementation of a new managerial culture through design and innovation capabilities.

Ex : "Drawing is deciding", "Ateliers créa", "The co-ideation lab"

We think

, our method means – We design experience, find new inspirations and connect very different worlds : management, C-K & industrial design, living arts, design et entrepreneurship
It is inspiring and learning. It is reassuring and empowering


Kick off

Identifying the strategic intentions of the organization and clarifying the stakeholders

« double empathy »



Observer et explorer l’univers, besoins et envies des récepteurs

« double empathy »


Scenario mapping

Scripting current experience and identifying levers of opportunity

Problem space


Scenario envisioning

Scripting, formulating and visualizing the desirable target experience and modelling the possibilities with C-K

Problem space



Mocking up the main points of contact of the target experience

Solution space



Submitting potential assumptions to potential users and iterate

Solution space

Let's talk

, about your projects in (digital) transformation, innovation management, entre-intrapreneurship. We are an experienced and agile partner. We are pioneers. We are committed to energizing industries with humanistic and progressive social models.
1re SOSE (mission-led company with extended corporate purpose)

Thank you for message/contribution.
We will be happy to talk to you very soon.

— we design
experience ©

Story Room | 67, rue Lamarck
75018 Paris
Géraldine Hatchuel

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After ten years of practice of design and innovation in large industrial groups and start-ups and a background in innovation management, entrepreneurship and design, academic research and teaching, Géraldine Hatchuel founded Choregraphy — we design experience ©, study of innovation that proposes to rethink innovation management and strategy through the tools, language and approach of experience design.

Discover the book "Le design d’expérience : scénariser pour innover", Fyp Editions 2018, here!, and the podcast!

Graphic design: Zoo - Code writing & animation: Julian Garnier – Design of the experience: Choregraphy